We are an innovative high-tech information and communications technologies service provider and bespoke software development studio.

Our services include consulting, analysis, design, development to administration and networking.

Why bluu

  • Update easily 

    Using our cloud web software will allow you to update and maintain your own website or application

    We also have a native iOS, Android and Windows 8 application for editing your website or application on the go.

  • Latest Standards

    Handcrafting bespoke web interfaces, applications, games and animations using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

  • Platform Agnostic

    Access and maintain your website or application from any Operating System or Device

  • Create an instant image

    Showcase your portfolio and/or services to the world

  • Social Integration

    Integration of social network feeds and photos into your website or application

  • Analytics

    View statistical analytics about visitors and bots as your website or application grows

  • Search Engines

    Website or application optimisation for indexing by search engines

  • Fast

    Using HHVM or NodeJs and Served by Azure Cloud